Team building

Team building develops our soft skills in contexts that are not familiar or in settings which are not part of our everyday life.

The activities of team building can enhance communication, stimulate creativity, enable leadership to emerge, educate to delegate, develop empathy and convey the values of the company.

More and more companies search for staff with qualities that go beyond basic requested capabilities. For this reason, activities such as team building aid companies in getting to know their staff, create better collaboration bonds, trust, esteem among employees, thus, strengthening the group.

I worked with some companies (with Feelingfood) in Milan, who had put themselves to the challenge with a contest called “mani in pasta” (hands in making fresh pasta), and had actually managed to cook up a great result.

The enthusiasm and the will to win of the contestants made the evening very dynamic and enjoyable.

Cooking Team building

Just like a real kitchen brigade, the group will have to decide a team leader, share tasks and cook everything within a time limit.

There is also a possible alternative of seperating into teams and going against eachother and voting for the best at the table.

At the end of the evening the best team will be voted and will receive a coupon for a dinner at home from me, so I would say, a great prize!

All this can be held in an equipped facility or directly a your home.


We will think of a menu and how to structure the group activity together. I will take care of providing for the shopping.

We can choose from various themes:

  • finger food;
  • a dinner with multiple dishes;
  • pastry;
  • fresh pasta.

All this according to your objective.


Chiamami e troveremo la prima data disponibile che possa essere più funzionale per entrambi.


L’obiettivo sicuramente è quello di rinforzare il gruppo.

La cucina offre l’opportunità di potersi cimentare non solo con tecniche di cucina, ma anche organizzazione, competenze, comunicazione proprio come all’interno di un azienda.

Il mio perchè

lo amo il mio lavoro e quindi proprio per questo attraverso la cucina posso gioire della crescita personale.