Chef at Home

Its a new way of living the experience of being at a restaurant but in your own home. Together we will create a menu with your favourite dishes. I always bring suggestions for you and your guests along, so that it may not only be a culinary moment to enjoy, but also a beautiful evening to cherish.


We schedule a first appointment to decide on the menu and a visit of the location where we will hold the dinner (in order to consider cookware and pans).
I will provide for the shopping and also for the matching of the wine the assistance of my well-known sommelier friends.


Your place, comfortably at home. No stress in finding a parking spot, waiting in line for a table, no noise from nearby diners and freedom of toasting to one’s content.


Whenever you want: it will suffice to give a 2 weeks notice in order to find the right date for both parties.


Everyday is the perfect day to celebrate life! Simply to welcome your guests at home with good care, or for a special event (anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms). On occasions such as work dinners to be in a discreet and protected area or even in the long term, with me standing as your personal chef.


I chose this job for many reasons, but what makes me move the most is the idea of creating a culinary experience, a sensorial trip, but not only this; I strongly believe in the sharing of our traditions, our culture and who we really are.

Food always finds those who love to cook!