Pleased to meet you, I am Elena Vian

A gastronomic exprience directly at home

Pleased to meet you, I am Elena Vian, Chef at Home.

I originally come from Val di Fassa near Trento in the Northern part of Italy but I have travelled around the world. I attended the Hotel and Catering school of Tesero (TN) and I then took my Masters in the Hotel and Catering School of Tione Alberghi.

I have been in the world of Catering and Restaurants since I was 15 and I have taken the career of the Chef at Home for two years now.

I started the job thanks to the collaboration with Eataly Smeraldo Milano, becoming their first Chef at Home. I have lived experiences on Yachts, in Chalets and Villas. I have had the honour of working as a Personal chef for singer Mika in Milan and to cook for actrice Lèa Seydoux in France.

I define my service as a “Restaurant Revolution” because it comes directly to your home. It is the union of the pleasure of an evening at a restaurant with the comfort of your own place.

My objective is to offer an experience, which is not only culinary, but enriched of precious care and welcoming in the surroundings of the warmth of your own home.

My philosophy is quality: I choose the closest products possible (bio products and 0 km food). Indeed I collaborate with biological agricultural companies, butchers and wineries.

I enhance the experience with an added value: the locations I usually collaborate with are Chalets, Luxury appartments.

I love my job because it allows me to grow, learn more and step out of my comfort zone to continue improving. The secret to my success is that I am very passionate to what I do and to my insatiable will to keep learning and aim high.