Chef at Home

Pleased to meet you, I am Elena Vian, a Chef at Home.

I have been in the world of catering and restaurants since I was 15 and I have taken the career of the Chef at Home for two years now.
I started the job thanks to the collaboration with Eataly Smeraldo Milano, becoming the first Chef at Home in the Eataly world.

I have lived experiences on Yachts, in Chalets and Villas while on the job.
My Service is a one and only in its kind in that I bring “my restaurant directly” to your home.

Have you ever wanted to want to eat something tasty, something different, but not want to go out?

To want to invite friends over but not be able to spend time with them because you had dinner cooking in the kitchen?

There is a solution… invite me to dinner, I promise I will be the one in the kitchen!

Le mie ricette

Un’esperienza gastronomica direttamente a casa tua